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Journey to Wellness

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Purdue Global Center for Teaching and Learning has partnered with the Health Sciences faculty to create the Journey to Wellness podcast series.

These podcasts were created by individual faculty with expertise in the health and wellness field. Some of the topics include the following:
• Learn about yogic breath and use The Complete Yogic Breath Exercise podcast to improve your yogic breath.
• Nostril breathing, or Nadi Shodhana in Sanskrit, is a breathing exercise that helps balance the body and health.
• Quiet your mind with Om chanting for relaxation and heightened focus.
• Chakra Balancing: Chakras are the various points in the body used in a variety of ancient meditation practices. Balance your chakras for better health.
• Tibetan Meditation or Kundali is a powerful exercise that helps us achieve peace and tranquility.
• 7 Easy Steps to a Sitting Meditation Practice
• Friendship
• Getting out of your own way
• Hindrances
• Life is Impermanent
• Peace of Mind
• Speaking Softly

Show hosts:

Breath and Balance with Jan Saeger-
Jan Saeger is a Health Sciences Faculty member and a life-long yoga practitioner. In the Breath and Balance series, Jan shares the importance of breathing, life balance, and yoga as it applies to all aspects of our lives.

Meditation is My Medication with Kathy Bishop-
Kathy Bishop, Health Sciences Faculty, and ordained Zen Buddhist Priest share information about meditation and why it is important for your well-being. Kathy also shares meditation techniques and a guided meditation series you may adopt as part of your daily wellness plan.